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WordPress was originally conceived by Matt Mullenweg as a personal publishing platform. However, if you peek into the WordPress website examples in this post, you’ll see that WordPress is actually a full-fledged Content Management System. It’s capable of handling content for some of the most visited websites around:

  • broadcasting stations,
  • celebrities,
  • international corporations,
  • music bands,
  • magazines,
  • fashion houses,
  • software companies.

It’s easy to create a website with WordPress and it’s not too heavy on the pocket too. This list of WordPress website examples portrays the possibilities with WordPress:

Top WordPress website examples of 2022

We’ve divided this list into several categories:

Music bands / artists

Rolling Stones


Yes, music bands too have structured their websites on WordPress. The website of Rolling Stones mostly uses shades of blue. Fans and music lovers can access the menu both from the header and from the footer area. While on the website, they can listen to some of the band’s singles, as well as to the teasers of yet-to-be-released songs.

Katy Perry


Katy Perry likes her site simple, yet featuring all the essential content right within your reach. The singer uses WordPress to showcase her live shows, music, news, and videos. The last section on the homepage is the online store, where the artist sells her brand’s merchandise. In the footer – as well as in the header – you will find the social media icons and a newsletter call-to-action.



You’ll hardly find any text on the website of popular singer Beyoncé. The singer’s name in the plain white header is almost the only visible text on the site. Full width images, some of them from her performances, load continuously as you scroll.

Entertainment networks

AMC Network Entertainment


Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Madmen and more – a subscriber can watch the entire seasons of these TV shows on the website of AMC Network Entertainment. Each show is displayed in full width horizontal sections that occupy the entire length of the homepage. However, some space is reserved for a broad footer which holds the menu. The menu also holds a link to watch Live TV.

BBC America


If you’ve missed an episode of popular TV shows like Top Gear or Doctor Who, you can catch it here on BBC America. This website uses an off-page menu that you can call up by clicking a hamburger icon. A signed in viewer can watch both previous episodes and live TV on this website.

Automobiles companies


mercedes-WordPress website examples

The international corporate website of the luxury car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz uses a custom built theme. The website makes generous use of images and videos to show off its range of cars. This display, coupled with the design of the menu gets it a slot in this list of WordPress website examples.


renault- WordPress website examples

WordPress is also home to the international website of the Renault Group. It’s easy for visitors to access relevant content on the website. They can choose their function from the narrow bar above the header. The website uses a pleasing yellow and black combination of colors against a mostly white background. The fonts on the site are also quite distinctive.

Newspapers / magazines



Wired is a technology magazine that covers present and future trends in technology. The tidy display of post titles on the homepage gives it a distinctive look. These titles are contained in individual boxes having prominent horizontal borders at the top.


WordPress is the platform for Time, an established American magazine. This website retains abundant white spaces and uses clean fonts for easy readability. Readers of the offline version will see the familiar red borders at many places on the website as well.

Fashion houses



Bata, a well-known shoe company dispenses with the header to make place for full screen images. A sticky header appears as a visitor scrolls down. Small arrows appear at appropriate places on the screen to guide visitors to move to the section they want. This stylish website is a must-include in this list of WordPress website examples.

Van Heusen


Van Heusen, a well known clothing retail brand, uses WordPress to display its various lines of clothing. The website is a good mix of information and crisp images. The homepage is fairly minimal, with most of the details being taken to the inside pages.


Georgia State University


In general, university websites are content heavy, and it’s the same with the website of Georgia State University. But students and faculty can access the relevant pages from the bar above the header. The predominant colors on the website are white and blue. Admissions, testimonials and university news are all placed in their own sliders.

The University of Washington


Even a first time visitor will find it easy to navigate the website of The University of Washington. The visitor can browse the site as a student, parent or faculty right from the header. The Quick Links section that pulls out a slide-in list of helpful links, and the Search option also help in navigating the site.

Blogs / news agencies

TED Blog

TED is the central for the most interesting talks and presentations on the web. The blog structure and design itself is very clean, with good background-to-font contrast and clear content presentation. You could say that TED’s using a rather standard blog look, but it does so in a very effective way.

PlayStation Blog

The Official PlayStation Blog is the forum where the game creators meet the gaming community. The site features a broad header and a boxed layout. Feedback is important for the blog, and so there’s a sticky label that the user can click to submit feedback.

Movie websites

James Bond


For a James Bond fan, this official website of the fictional British secret agent 007 is a delight. It carries vast amounts of interesting tit-bits about the movies and the cast. The slider images stack up visibly at either end of the screen and you can click to pull them out for viewing. These images are styled to appear like a movie screen.

Government sites

This Is Finland

WordPress is the choice of the Department of Communication to convey official information on Finland. This Is Finland packs a great deal of news about business, culture, lifestyle and more in the available space. I particularly liked the emoji box which gives you a fun overview of Finland in one screenshot.


Usain Bolt


You’d expect to see a load of photographs of celebrities on their websites. And so, it’s no surprise that the pictures of Usain Bolt occupy a great deal of space on his website. Fans of the sports icon can keep track of the latest news and events concerning Bolt. The website sports a dark skin throughout.

Entertainment companies

The Walt Disney Company


The home of fun and entertainment has its online home on WordPress. The well known logo of The Walt Disney Company occupies the central spot in the header. You can access each menu item from that header, or from the individual boxes in the horizontal sections on the homepage. You can also keep track of the company’s stock price on the website.

Broadcasting stations

WGN TV, Chicago


WGN TV is the broadcasting arm of the Tribune, Chicago. It caters to a broad range of interests. Weather watchers will like the detailed section on weather – it features an interactive radar. Commuters can look up the site for live traffic updates. And as for casual or regular visitors, they can quickly navigate to the TV Schedule or Live News using the bar at the top.

Software companies



NGINX is a software company that showcases its products, capabilities and resources on WordPress. The animation on the homepage is designed to reinforce the company’s network related expertise. Not only can you access content from the drop-down menu in the header, you can also access the detailed menu from the broad footer.

That rounds off my list of WordPress website examples. Have you found any websites using WordPress in an interesting way? If yes, please share in the comments below.

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