What’s the Best Programming Language to Learn This Year? Top 4 Options

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As our world continues to move toward a digital-first environment, so does our reliance on web development professionals. Therefore, if you want to learn how to code, now is an excellent time to do so. However, figuring out what’s the best programming language to learn can be a bit challenging.

The good news is that you have a handful of options to choose from. If you’re a beginner coder, choosing the right language is key. It can help put you on the career path of your dreams, and prepare you for learning more advanced languages and skills down the line.

In this post, we’ll start by discussing some important factors to look for in a programming language. Then, we’ll look at the best programming languages to learn in 2022. Let’s jump in!

What to look for in a programming language

The decision to work in software (or web) development may be an easy one. However, trying to pick the best programming language to learn can be much more difficult. This choice may depend on a variety of factors, and it won’t be the same for everyone.

However, there are a handful of qualities that you may want to look for in a programming language. The first is longevity and relevance. Some programming languages don’t last for very long and quickly become obsolete. These won’t benefit you in the long run. Therefore, we recommend looking for languages that are popular to use in multiple fields.

Another factor to consider is how in-demand the language/skill is. Conducting some research for job positions that are currently available can help give you a better idea of the current market. The more research you do about the job outlook for programming languages, the better your chances of choosing the right option.

A third consideration is your career aspirations. In the same vein as job opportunities, it’s important to consider what type of positions you think you’ll actually enjoy and the work you’re passionate about.

Each discipline has its own programming language prerequisites. The language you start with should depend on how much coding experience you currently have. Then, you can tailor your knowledge to the potential jobs you want to apply for.

The best programming language to learn in 2022

Now that you understand a little more about programming languages, it’s time to look at some of the top options. Below are four of the best programming languages to learn in 2022.

1. JavaScript

Start with the JavaScript website if you're interested in the best programming language to learn.

JavaScript is the most popular developer language out there, and has been for years. It is used in many different tasks ranging from front-end web development to mobile projects. However, it’s most well-known for adding responsive elements to pages.

JavaScript is used on every system that uses a web browser, which makes it one of the most accessible languages available. In fact, it’s used by some of the most popular websites in the world, including Facebook, Google, and YouTube.

JavaScript is also one of the most beginner-friendly programming languages. It’s perhaps third only to HTML and CSS. While it’s not as simple as those two options, it is easier to learn than most other programming and scripting languages. In addition, the syntax is flexible, making it a solid option for those with little or no prior coding experience or skills.

This programming language is also very versatile. It works with a wide range of libraries and frameworks that you can use for both front-end and back-end development. Among its most popular frameworks is Node.js:

The Node.js website.

This can be used for mobile and game development. Moreover, it’s often used for applications and web servers. Some types of jobs you might be qualified for if you have JavaScript knowledge include a software engineer, front-end developer, and full-stack developer.

Moreover, there is a plethora of JavaScript resources available that can help you learn the programming language. Therefore, if you’re completely new to the field, JavaScript is likely the best programming language to learn in 2022.

2. Go

Go is a candidate for the best programming language to learn despite being new.

Go (also known as “golang”) is a Google-developed, open-source programming language. It is made specifically for Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and web applications. It’s an alternative to C++ and Java. If you haven’t heard of it before, you’re not alone as it’s relatively new.

Go is compiled to machine code, which makes it a fast language. The syntax is similar to C. However, it can also be difficult to learn, so it’s far from the most beginner-friendly option. That said, it is gaining traction and will likely become very popular in the years to come. It is a lightweight programming language that is ideal for building network applications.

While it’s the least popular programming language on this list, it is quickly growing in its use, thanks to its simple and modern structure. It’s primarily a desktop language and is a strong choice if you’re hoping to work with Google technologies and/or as a data scientist. In addition, it is useful for building web applications, console utilities, and Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications.

3. Python

The Python website.

If you’re looking for an intuitive and clear programming language, you might also consider Python. This beginner-friendly language is the base of the Django framework.

This means that it’s also the base of successful and popular websites, such as Instagram, YouTube and Google Search, as well as iRobot machines. It’s also used in the development of sites such as Mozilla and Spotify. Additionally, it has a variety of specific science applications that make it useful for academic research.

Python is a general-purpose language that you can use for various development styles. For example, it is Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) driven and can also be used for functional and reflective programming.

It is also prevalent in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning environments. Moreover, it’s among the most popular languages for server-side development, as well as web and mobile applications.

Therefore, this can be a rewarding language to learn if you’re interested in building software or becoming a data scientist. Python is also incredibly versatile, making it a suitable option for both beginners and experienced coders.

4. PHP

The PHP website is home to a popular language that we consider one of the best programming languages to learn.

First released in the 1990s, PHP is one of the most popular and in-demand programming languages on the market. It has a clean, clear syntax that is easy to use.

If you have some web development experience, you’ve likely heard of PHP. This open-source programming language powers some of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) out there. This includes Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress.

In addition to CMSs, it is also used to build web applications and ecommerce software. It’s used for sites such as Yahoo, Wikipedia, and Facebook. PHP also offers a lot of accessible and powerful frameworks, such as Laravel:

The Laravel framework website.

Frameworks such as this can help streamline your coding experience and make the programming language easier to learn.

There are some developers who argue that the viability of PHP is declining. However, given that it’s used in approximately 80 percent of websites on the web right now, as well as some of the most popular website building platforms, this shouldn’t be much of a concern.

You can use PHP for both back-end development and server-side scripting. Also, given its popularity and widespread use, there are many PHP resources you can use to learn the language.

If you have at least some experience with programming languages, you’ll likely find PHP effortless to learn. However, even if you have little to no skills, it will still likely be an easy language to pick up.


Now is a great time to kickstart a career in programming and web development. However, doing so isn’t always easy. To make sure you make the most of your efforts, it’s critical to choose the best programming language to learn.

As we discussed in this article, the “best” language can vary depending on a variety of factors, but there are four top options we recommend:

  1. JavaScript. If you’re a complete beginner coder, this is probably the best option. It’s incredibly popular and it is a staple in web development. It’s easy to learn and is useful for both front and back-end development.
  2. Go. This Google-created language is one of the more difficult languages on the list. However, it’s a solid choice if you’re interested in Google technologies and system or network programming.
  3. Python. Python is worth learning if you’re interested in a reliable, widely used programming language in the data science field. It is especially useful in web and mobile development, as well as building machine learning software.
  4. PHP. This is another programming language that’s ideal to choose if you’re a beginner. It’s prevalent and versatile, and can be a suitable choice if you want to work with front or back-end development on popular CMSs such as WordPress.

Do you have any questions about the best programming languages to learn? Let us know in the comments section below!

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