Themeisle Is an Official Media Partner at WordCamp Europe 2018!

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Hey guys, it’s news time in the Themeisle camp! As you probably noticed, we love going to WordCamps. The next WCEU will be a bit different for us, though, because we will officially be attending it as media partners 🎊🍾. We applied late in 2017 and now we’ve got the confirmation that Themeisle will help the organizers with the promotion of the event.

We are excited about this, which is why we already started to create material about the upcoming conference and the people that make it possible. If you follow our blog closely, you’ll find great WordCamp-related articles and interviews, including an interview with Nevena Tomovic from the Content Team – read about her vision on storytelling and contributing to a WordCamp Europe event.

In case you missed it, we also did a great mirror interview featuring Jenny Beaumont (the current WCEU team leader) and Petya Raykovska (former organizer) – which we published a few months ago.

Being media partners on our road to Belgrade is not the first encounter with contributing to an event. Actually, our team gets fully involved at WordCamps most of the time. We volunteered two times in a row, in Vienna and Paris, respectively. Last year, we were media supporters with our other blog CodeinWP; and this year we have the full set: Sabina and Rodica are both part of the organizing team, the rest of the team will volunteer again, and Themeisle is on the media partners list.

If you’re curious about what was so fun in the previous years that made us want to repeat the experience again and again, you can read our articles that immortalized the beautiful moments we had while attending the conference – after WCEU 2017 and after WCEU 2016.

In the pictures below, you can see a big part of the team wearing the volunteer t-shirts at WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna (during and after):

Themeisle at WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna

Themeisle at WordCamp Europe 2016 in Vienna

What does it mean to be a media partner?

Media partners are the guys who enroll to promote the event via social media and blog posts (in our case). We always keep an eye on the updates and news that take place in the WordCamp boat and share them with our audience. If you see a ton of references to WCEU on our social channels, it’s because we committed to help the organizers get this event more exposure. In other words, to help it grow and become a memorable one.

What are you going to read on the blog? Pre-event interviews with various people that are involved in the organization (like the ones I linked to above), preview posts with interesting WordCamp-related stats and facts, live interviews with awesome people during the conference, photos with our team members enjoying their time in Belgrade, and post-event thoughts and takeaways.

If you’re not convinced that it’s worth coming to a WordCamp yet, keep in mind that I personally was not in the mood either before going to Vienna two years ago, but it turned out to be an awesome experience that left me with cool memories.

We started the WCEU media partners journey together with other companies that are going to play the same role. We are accompanied by a select list of 8 media partners and 11 media supporters. Among the names, you will also find Torque, WPTavern, and KrautPress.

media partners announced

Through this partnership with WordCamp Europe 2018, we hope to keep the community thing alive and promote the best stories that happen during such a big event. Not only is it an honor to be one of the companies that help with making a global event possible (which gives Themeisle exposure as a brand), but we also feel like it’s our duty to contribute to something that offered us so many nice moments in the past. Because, like I said earlier, we did have a great time in the previous years and we kind of felt like home there. So now it’s time to give back a little bit.

So, those of you who will be in Belgrade, come and say hi if you recognize our team or somebody on the team. We will be wearing either our Themeisle t-shirts (with the funny parrot) or the volunteer t-shirts. Either way, as long as we’re not engaged in a specific activity, we’d love to have a chat with you. See you there!

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