[INFOGRAPHIC] Why Use WordPress? Here Are 18 Good Reasons

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Ever found yourself trying to explain to someone why they should use WordPress?

Maybe it is a client or a friend and they still see WordPress as the humble blogging platform from 2003. Well, the truth is that WordPress has grown so much in the past 15 years and has now become the most diverse and pervasive web platform available, used by tons of notable companies. But you need some reasons, right? So why use WordPress?

Well, we have 18 reasons why you should compiled right here! It’s a combination of mind boggling statistics plus cool trivia that will help convince anyone to jump on the WordPress bandwagon. Show this infographic to anyone who hasn’t yet adopted WordPress as their website platform.

And if you want more, we have a great article on why use WordPress here.

Infographic - why use WordPress

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Themeisle presents:

  1. Nearly 30% of all websites use WordPress
  2. Around 60% of the CMS market is controlled by WordPress
  3. 52,000+ free plugins are available at WordPress.org
  4. WordPress has thousands of free themes
  5. WordPress is available in 100+ different languages
  6. Queen Bey uses WordPress
  7. Basic WordPress site costs the same as one latte per month
  8. Tons of free help and tutorials
  9. Build any type of website
  10. Build and connect to apps with REST API
  11. Integrations with popular tools
  12. WordPress is accessible
  13. 758 WordCamps in 69 cities in 65 countries on 6 continents
  14. WordPress is getting even more user friendly
  15. WordPress can guide missiles…kind of
  16. 23% of top 10,000 websites use WordPress
  17. WordPress looks great on all devices
  18. Creating content is as easy as MS Word

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