How to Create a WordPress Quiz for Free

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Want to create a WordPress quiz for your readers? Quizzes can help you do everything from catching some of BuzzFeed’s viral magic to learning more about the demographics of your readers. So whether you use them for fun or business, they’re a powerful weapon in your WordPress arsenal.

In this post, I’m going to give you a detailed tutorial on how you can create a WordPress quiz using a free plugin called Quiz Cat.

How to create a WordPress quiz with Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat is a free plugin with a premium version that offers even more functionality. I chose to use Quiz Cat for this tutorial because:

  • The free version has enough functionality to be helpful
  • Your quizzes come with a dedicated landing page
  • You can display different results pages depending on how people answer your quiz
  • It’s responsive, which means it works well on both desktop and mobile

Put that all together and it’s the best tool I’ve found to create a WordPress quiz for free.

The only downside is that, in the free version, you can’t create a true personality quiz. That is, you can only create a quiz where each question has just one correct answer. If you want to create more open quizzes, you’ll need the pro version. Or, you can always create a WordPress poll if you just need to ask a single open-ended question.

Here’s how to use Quiz Cat to create a WordPress quiz:

Step 1: Install and activate Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat is free and listed at the plugin directory. To get started, you can install the plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard:

how to create a WordPress quiz

Make sure to activate it, then you can head to the new Quiz Cat link in your WordPress dashboard sidebar.

Step 2: Connect to Quiz Cat API

When you click on the Quiz Cat link, you’ll see a prompt asking you to Connect Quiz Cat. This is necessary to get access to all of the functionality. To do that, just click the button:

connecting quiz cat plugin

And that’s all! Nothing else to do.

Step 3: Create a WordPress quiz

Now that you’re connected, head to Quiz Cat → Add New to create a new quiz.

First, give your quiz a title and description. You can also add an image to the description if you’d like:

step one to create a WordPress quiz

Step 4: Add your questions and answers

Next up, scroll down the page a tiny bit to the Questions box. Here, you’ll add all of your questions and answers.

First, enter the question text. You can also add an image as part of the question.

Then, enter the Correct answer. If a user chooses this answer, they will get 1 point.

After that, you can enter as many Wrong answers as you’d like. To add a new wrong answer, just click the Add Answer button:

add your quiz questions

Once you’ve finished your first question, you can repeat the process for as many questions as you’d like your quiz to contain by hitting the +Add button:

add new quiz questions

Step 5: Add your results

Once you’ve finished up your questions, you need to add the results your quiz-takers will see at the end of the quiz. As I mentioned, you can add different results based on how the person answered the quiz.

Because each correct answer is worth 1 point, the default Results page will cover all possible results. So if you have a quiz with 4 questions, the default results page covers every score from 0-4 points.

You can style it by adding a title, image, description, and even custom HTML if you’d like:

add your quiz results

But what if you want to show one “results” page to people who answered 3-4 questions correctly, and another to keep who only answered 0-2 questions correctly? No problem! Just click the +Add button to add as many different “results” pages as you’d like. You can re-arrange them as needed by dragging and dropping.

Each time you add a new “results” page, Quiz Cat will automatically adjust the number of points associated with each “results” page to divide things up equally:

using the quiz cat plugin

Step 6: Preview your quiz

Once you’ve added all of the “results” pages that you want, you can preview your quiz by clicking on the Save & Preview button at the bottom:

save and preview your quiz

You’ll first see your quiz landing page. And if you want to see the quiz in action, you can take it yourself to make sure everything works:

your live WordPress quiz

Once you’re happy with how everything looks, you’re ready to embed your quiz on your live site!

Step 7: Embed your new WordPress quiz

To display your quiz on the front-end, all you need to do is paste the shortcode wherever you want your quiz to appear. To find your shortcode, you can go to Quiz Cat → All Quizzes:

embedding your WordPress quiz

Then, just paste that shortcode into the WordPress Editor in whichever post or page you want your quiz to display in. When you publish the post or page, your quiz should be live:

your live WordPress quiz

What about creating a BuzzFeed style personality quiz?

Unfortunately, if you want to create a true BuzzFeed style WordPress quiz, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version of Quiz Cat for $29. You’ll also get access to social sharing buttons to help your quiz go viral.

But if you don’t care about BuzzFeed personality quizzes, the free version should work for all of the other situations in which you need to create a WordPress quiz.

Wrapping things up

Quiz Cat provides a simple way to create a WordPress quiz, even if you don’t know a single line of code. The plugin is fairly straightforward, so that, in combination with my tutorial, should mean you won’t run into any issues setting up your quiz.

If you need any additional help, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to assist.

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