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A WooCommerce wishlist opens up all sorts of opportunities for shoppers and store owners alike. It assists customers in remembering products they want to buy in the future while increasing potential for your store to improve sales in the long-run.

You’ve seen these wishlists on your favorite online stores, and now it’s time to learn how to add your own WooCommerce wishlist to take advantage of the benefits.

How to add a WooCommerce wishlist to your online store

You can find several plugins to add a WooCommerce wishlist to your store. It’s also possible to incorporate a wishlist with custom coding.

However, the easiest, and cheapest method involves the TI WooCommerce Wishlist plugin, a plugin that instantly adds a simple wishlist to your WooCommerce store and allows for customizations like button text, wishlist locations, and even the option to let people share their wishlists on social media.

To get started, install and activate the free TI WooCommerce Wishlist plugin from (Read our guide on installing a WordPress plugin if you need help.)

Once you activate the plugin, it brings you to a Setup Wizard to handle the majority of settings required for the wishlist to work.

Click on the Let’s Go button to get started.

lets go

Name and create your wishlist page

The first section, called Page Setup, asks for the Default Wishlist Name and if you want to manually or automatically create the Wishlist page.

Call the page whatever you want, but stick to something that makes sense for users, like “My Wishlist” or “My Saved Items”.

We recommend automatically creating the Wishlist page since it cuts down any manual work required. This generates a default Wishlist WooCommerce page that gets saved in your dashboard and placed in your navigational menu for users to view their wishlist items.

Click the Continue button to move on.

page setup for WooCommerce wishlist

Customize the “Add To Wishlist” button

The Button configuration page has several settings for deciding on the text and positioning of the button that customers use to add specific items to the wishlist.

The Button Position field lets you put the button before or after the Add To Cart button on a product page. You also have the option to place the button in a custom location using code.

start with button options

Use the “Add To Wishlist” Text field to specify what that button says – the most practical text being “Add To Wishlist”.

button options

Other settings here include the ability to show the Add To Wishlist button in a product listing, with the option to customize the text for that unique button.

Click on the Continue button.

button options for WooCommerce wishlist

Tell the plugin how to remove products from the wishlist

The Processing tab asks you how products should be removed from the Wishlist page.

The options are Automatically and Manual.

It makes sense to let your user manually delete an item from the wishlist, but the automated process makes for a cleaner wishlist, considering it only gets removed when the product is added to the cart. However, someone may not buy a item just because they add it to the cart, so the choice is yours.

When you decide on the right setting, click Continue.

automatic removal

Set up social sharing buttons

The Share section enables you to turn on social sharing buttons so customers can send out their wishlists to friends and family. It’s a premium-caliber setting you get for free, and it provides potential for more sales.

Here are the sharing buttons available:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • WhatsApp
  • Clipboard (copying the wishlist for pasting later)
  • Email

Turn on the ones you want to see in the Wishlist page, then click the Continue button.

add social sharing for WooCommerce wishlist

Test out your new WooCommerce wishlist

The Ready section tells you the wishlist is ready to go on your website.

Feel free to look at the Wishlist Settings page for more options, but we’ll cover these later in the article.

wishlist is ready

For now, go to the frontend of your WooCommerce store.

👉 Note: Make sure you clear the cache if you have trouble seeing your wishlist features.

The Wishlist page gets generated and a link to it placed into your main menu (if you automated the process in the previous setup).

Therefore, you should see a Wishlist tab in your main menu along with Add To Wishlist buttons for all items in your product gallery.

WooCommerce wishlist tab in menu

Furthermore, going to an individual product page shows an Add To Wishlist button as well, allowing customers to click on these buttons and place that specific item into the wishlist.

add to wishlist on product page

Let’s say a customer comes to your store and clicks on an Add To Wishlist button. In that case, a pop-up window appears explaining that the product has in fact been added to the Wishlist.

They can then click to View Wishlist or Close the pop-up window.

view WooCommerce wishlist button

Understanding the Wishlist page

Once on the Wishlist page, the area presents a collection of items added to the wishlist. It could be empty, or it could have a long list of items ready to add to the shopping cart.

The social sharing buttons sit below the list, so users click those buttons and get sent to the respective sharing page.

share WooCommerce wishlist to social media

Each item in the wishlist has an Add To Cart button for quickly checking out.

add all to cart from WooCommerce wishlist

They also offer checkboxes to select multiple wishlist products and complete an action on all of them, such as adding all items to the cart or removing them from the wishlist if no longer needed.

apply action

Completing the general settings for the WooCommerce wishlist

The primary setup module from before handles the vast majority of settings required to run an effective WooCommerce wishlist. However, you do have the option to change some elements and customize a little more.

To do so, go to TI Wishlist → General Settings.

general settings for WooCommerce wishlist

The General Settings page offers a long list of fields. Luckily, most of them are already fine thanks to the setup process.

However, we can walk through a few additional settings that may pique your interest.

For instance, the Require Login setting comes in handy for websites that don’t want to let random users making wishlists.

You might also think about enabling the options to remove products from the wishlist because of certain actions, or even to redirect to the checkout page when a wishlist item gets added to the cart.

other settings

Scroll down further to locate the area for the Product Page “Add To Wishlist” Button Settings.

Most of these settings are already ready to go, but there’s a field to edit the “Add To Wishlist” Icon. Select the dropdown field to change the default Heart to a Heart+ icon if that looks better for your site.

You can also choose to upload a Custom icon from your computer.

adding icon

The new icon appears on your website after saving the settings.

new WooCommerce wishlist with new icon

The Wishlist Product Counter settings activate a special menu item for the Wishlist and incorporate a counter next to the label so each user knows how many items they currently have in their wishlist.

This section lets you turn on the Show “Wishlist” Counter Text switch. It’s also suggested you consider looking at the Add Counter To Menu field, where it allows you to select the menu in which you’d like to see the new Wishlist tab with counter.

add to main menu

Once you save those settings, the new Wishlist menu item shows up on the frontend, with a small number next to it. As you can see, this wishlist contains two products, and that counter goes up or down as the customer adds and removes products from their WooCommerce wishlist.

new WooCommerce wishlist with counter

And that’s how you configure a WooCommerce wishlist for your online store. You can always go back to the settings to adjust the designs or locations of buttons, and the plugin offers a premium version for more advanced features like multiple wishlists per user, promotional items, and wishlist privacy settings.

Add your WooCommerce wishlist today

A WooCommerce wishlist is sure to provide a more engaging way for your customers to shop.

Not to mention, a wishlist serves as a consistent reminder for those people to come back and purchase from your store.

The TI WooCommerce Wishlist plugin is the best way to add a wishlist, but we also recommend checking out the WPC Smart Wishlist plugin and the WooCommerce Wishlists Extension (premium), both of which offer comparable features.

For some other useful solutions to improve your store, check out our full collection of the best WooCommerce plugins.

Let us know in the comments if you have questions about how to add a WooCommerce wishlist to your site.

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