How to Accept Bitcoin on WordPress

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Although Bitcoin is unpredictable, its value and mainstream usage has steadily risen, much to the satisfaction of those owning the coins. Not only that, but many consumers, businesses, and even payment processors have begun to recognize Bitcoin as a viable payment method, and that is why more and more online businesses want to learn how to accept Bitcoin on WordPress.

For instance, a content marketer could sell premium subscriptions and accept Bitcoin as an alternative payment, or an online store could place a Bitcoin button next to the credit card field. Even bloggers and charities could ask for a Bitcoin donation, with the possibility of cashing it out immediately or waiting to see the value of that payment increase over time.

The main reason to accept Bitcoin on WordPress, though, is because of its accessibility to everyone.

As many of us know, WordPress lets users build eCommerce sites with a plugin like WooCommerce. WooCommerce connects to many payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and Payoneer.

The only problem is that some customers in other countries aren’t able to use those payment gateways, whereas Bitcoin is available to anyone. Furthermore, some consumers would rather pay with Bitcoin (as opposed to a credit card), so that’s yet another way to ensure sales.

What are some other reasons to accept Bitcoin on WordPress?

Along with the ability to accept payments from more customers, and its potential for enhanced international transactions, Bitcoin offers some other interesting advantages:

  • Bitcoin is digital and decentralized. Therefore, you don’t have to rely on a third-party bank, yet the transactions are secure and somewhat anonymous by using a ledger called a blockchain.
  • Bitcoin payments are irreversible, and every transaction comes with an extremely difficult hexadecimal code. So, there are fewer chances of hacks and fraud.
  • Bitcoin transactions often have lower fees than when working with banks.
  • If someone makes a Bitcoin payment on your site, all funds are immediately available to you.
  • Your customers (and databases) are more secure since Bitcoin transactions store no personal or financial information. All transactions get recorded on a public ledger, but there’s not much more information shared.

How to accept Bitcoin on WordPress

After deciding to accept Bitcoin on WordPress (whether it be for ecommerce sales, client invoicing, or donations/subscriptions for your blog) you need to get a Bitcoin payment system.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The payment system (called Blockonomics) allows you to accept Bitcoin as payment, whether that’s with an embedded Bitcoin button or a Bitcoin checkout methodin WooCommerce.
  2. The customer sends you the amount of Bitcoin you requested for your product or service.
  3. The order gets logged in Blockonomics and WordPress for you to fulfill.
  4. The Bitcoin goes to your own wallet.

Initial setup: Sign up for a Blockonomics account (and install the plugin) to accept Bitcoin on WordPress

Blockonomics is a tool that helps website owners accept Bitcoin payments online. It has:

  • Embeddable Bitcoin payment buttons
  • An online store integration for offering Bitcoin as a payment method
  • A WordPress plugin to make those two features more seamless

So, the first step is to install the WordPress Bitcoin Payment – Blockonomics plugin on your WordPress site. Read our guide on installing WordPress plugins if you have questions.

Blockonomics plugin to accept Bitcoin on WordPress

After you install and activate the plugin, go to Settings > Blockonomics.

Blockonomics settings

Here, the plugin shows a field for the API Key. You can also auto-generate a Callback URL. The API key simply links your WordPress site with Blockonomics; you don’t need to know anything about the API, just that you need to find the API Key in Blockonomics.

You must make a Blockonomics account in order to generate an API Key, create Bitcoin Buy buttons, and insert Bitcoin as a payment method in WooCommerce. Click on this link or use the link in WordPress to go to the Blockonomics Merchant page.

the plugin is now installed

Click the Get Started For Free button to continue.

get started button on Blockonomics

Create an account with your email address and a strong password. Click Register to continue.

register module

Once the account is active, click on Stores, then copy the API Key you see on the page.

stores and api key

Navigate back to the WordPress Blockonomics page and paste that code into the API Key field. Click Save. Your WordPress site is now ready to use the Blockonomics payment processing tools.

api key to accept Bitcoin on WordPress

Initial setup part 2: Get a Bitcoin wallet with xPub capabilities

For every method in this article, you need a Bitcoin wallet to store any Bitcoin paid to you for transactions. Blockonomics uses two components to transfer money to your account: an xPub address and a sample Bitcoin wallet address. Since Bitcoin transactions always generate a new receiving wallet address, it’s essential to have the xPub address for transactions to work from multiple customers in a row.

Therefore, it’s required to have a Bitcoin wallet that grants access to an xPub address, otherwise it’s rather difficult to accept Bitcoin payments online. To get a compatible Bitcoin wallet, we recommend using one of the following methods:

  1. Look at any current Bitcoin wallets you have, like Exodus, Trezor, Ledger, or If you already own one of these, there’s no need to create a new wallet; you can already get the xPub address from those. Here’s an article on supported wallets and how to get the xPub addresses. (Many wallets you receive from exchanges like Binance and Coinbase don’t provide xPub addresses, so they’re unable to work with Blockonomics).
  2. Or…open a account if you don’t already have a wallet mentioned above; is a secure, reputable wallet provider with xPub support.

Method 1: Accept Bitcoin on WordPress with embeddable payment buttons

Some site owners don’t need a full online store, but they’d like to sell one or two products. In that case, there’s no need to install something like WooCommerce. Instead, you just embed a Bitcoin Buy button anywhere on your website, like at the beginning of a landing page, the end of a blog post, or right on your homepage. You can use this method for donations and quick product/service sales.

After logging into your account, go to the Blockonomics dashboard. The welcome page offers two options for payment acceptance. Pick the one to Create Payment Button/Link. You can also go straight to the Payment Buttons/Links menu item on the left; they both bring you to the same place.

create payment button to accept Bitcoin on WordPress

The Payment Buttons/Links page asks for you to fill in three fields:

  • Destination Wallet xPub
  • Sample Receiving Address (this field appears after you type in a valid xPub)
  • Tag

sample address

To find the xPub address, go to your Bitcoin wallet (we recommended earlier, but wallets like Trezor and Ledger work well, too).

All wallets vary on how to find the xPub address, so we recommend referencing this article depending on the wallet in use.

For, you click on the user settings icon in the top right corner. Then, go to Wallets & Addresses > Manage (next to the private key wallet) > Manage (this is a new drop-down link) > Show xPub.

Copy the xPub code, then paste it into the xPub field inside Blockonomics.

manage button

To get the Sample Receiving Address, you must get a standard Bitcoin receiving address like you would for accepting any Bitcoin payment. Most wallets have a Receive button to generate a sample receiving address.

For example, on, you can click on Receive.

receive button

Then, search for Bitcoin and click on a Private Key Wallet. Copy the receiving address from the resulting page.

private key wallet to accept Bitcoin on WordPress

Go back to Blockonomics, and paste in the Sample Receiving Address. Fill in the Tag field with whatever name you want; this is for your own reference. Click Save Changes.

xpub and sample receiving address

You’re now ready to create a Bitcoin payment button. Click on the Products tab within Blockonomics. Fill in whatever content/fields you’d like to display with your product:

  • Product Name
  • Product Description
  • Required Customer Fields for Checkout
  • Product Code
  • Price (you can display this as USD but the payment comes in as Bitcoin)
  • Donation Mode
  • Order Completion Email

When you’ve configured your product, click the Generate Button option. There are also buttons to make URLs and widgets.

fill in details and generate button to accept Bitcoin on WordPress

Copy the first block of code provided, then paste it wherever you want on your WordPress site.

copy the first code

For instance, you could use the HTML block in WordPress on a page or post.

custom html modules

You also need to add the Step 2 code from Blockonomics near the bottom of your WordPress page. Again, you can add this in a Custom HTML block (it’s hidden code that renders nothing on the frontend).

copy these codes

After saving the changes in WordPress, a Pay With Bitcoin button now appears on the frontend of your WordPress page.

accept Bitcoin on WordPress button

When clicked, a pop-up shows to collect whatever customer detail fields you specified. The customer clicks to pay for the product.

payment module

Finally, they see a QR code to pay from their own mobile Bitcoin wallet. Or they have the option to use the provided Bitcoin address. One nice thing about Blockonomics is that it provides pricing in USD and Bitcoin.

the store now shows a bitcoin address and QR code

Method 2: Accept Bitcoin on a WordPress site running WooCommerce

The second way to accept Bitcoin on WordPress is as a payment method in WooCommerce. This means you’re running an online store, where the customer adds items to their cart, checks out, and sees payment methods like credit card, PayPal, and Bitcoin.

What’s helpful about adding Blockonomics to WooCommerce is that all Bitcoin orders get logged, so you can fulfill them like you would any other order.

To start, go to Blockonomics and click on the Stores menu item. Choose the Add New Store option.

add a new store button to accept Bitcoin on WordPress

You can add multiple stores, but just know that you need at least one active store in Blockonomics for it to work with WooCommerce.

To add a store, fill in these fields:

  • Destination Wallet xPub
  • Sample Receiving Address
  • Tag
  • HTTP Callback URL

fill in xpub and wallets

You can find the xPub address on by clicking on the user settings icon in the top right corner. Then, go to Wallets & Addresses > Manage (next to the private key wallet) > Manage (this is a new drop-down link) > Show xPub.

You can also find the xPub address for other wallets you may use (like Ledger or Trezor) by reading this guide.

Copy your xPub code from the wallet and paste it into Blockonomics.

To find a Sample Receiving Address, you can usually go to a Receive button in your wallet account to generate a new Bitcoin address (much like you would for a standard Bitcoin transfer). is a great option for this as well.

Finally, you can find the Callback URL inside WordPress. Go to Settings > Blockonomics. Copy the Callback URL, then return to Blockonomics and paste it in the right field.

get callback url to accept Bitcoin on WordPress

With all that, you should have each field filled in. Click on the Save Changes button.

fill in api key and wallets

You’ll now see your new store displayed inside Blockonomics.

your store is now shown

There’s even a Test Setup button inside the WordPress Blockonomics page to see if you typed in valid Bitcoin addresses.

test the setup

Another way to verify the connection is by going to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments, where WooCommerce now displays a Bitcoin payment method (make sure it’s turned on).

the Bitcoin tab is marked in WooCommerce

With Bitcoin Payments active, customers add products to their shopping carts and eventually see a Bitcoin payment method option next to other methods like Credit Card and PayPal.

accept Bitcoin on WordPress payment method

They can then click the Pay With Bitcoin button.

bitcoin button

Finally, your store displays the exact transaction price (in USD and BTC) along with a QR code for instant payment and a Bitcoin address to make the transfer from their own wallet.

pay in bitcoin


The last step for both methods: check and fulfill orders

The great part about Blockonomics is that it records all orders paid with Bitcoin. For payment buttons, you can click the Orders tab in Blockonomics to view orders as they appear.

check orders after you accept Bitcoin on WordPress

Bitcoin orders that go through your WooCommerce store get logged in both Blockonomics and your WooCommerce Orders page. This way, you get notified and can fulfill each order right away!

Now it’s your turn!

Those are the primary steps you’ll take to accept Bitcoin on WordPress!

If you have any questions about adding a Bitcoin button to your WordPress site, share in the comments below.

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