3 Best Gatsby Hosting Providers Compared for 2022

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Gatsby is an open-source framework for building websites. However, you’ll need a top-notch hosting service to get your site online. With so much riding on this decision, choosing the best Gatsby hosting option for you can be tough.

By familiarizing yourself with your page’s needs and understanding your options, you can find the perfect hosting solution. All it takes is a bit of research so you can understand the needs of your Gatsby-based projects.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to Gatsby and cover a few features that you might want to look for in a host. Then, we’ll examine three of the top options for Gatsby hosting. Let’s get started!

What to look for in the best Gatsby hosting

Gatsby is an open-source static site generator (SSG) based on the JavaScript library, React. Basically, this means that you can build static sites that only use files and folders. Without any reference databases or rendering, your site can run quicker and more securely.

Additionally, the inclusion of React technology means you can incorporate advanced features. For example, you can easily run an eCommerce site on Gatsby. However, you retain the speed and simplicity that many users love about the platform.

Since Gatsby is a unique website generator, you may want to consider hosting that’s been specifically designed to support it. This can also save you money. If you sign up for a hosting plan that puts resources towards database support, for example, you’ll be paying for a feature you don’t need.

Furthermore, there are some specific benefits that you may want to look for depending on your needs. One issue to consider is speed. Gatsby’s quick loading times can be a huge benefit. As such, you may want to choose a host that supports this kind of performance.

Additionally, try to think about your site’s traffic. Moreover, if you think your site will be growing, consider a plan that enables you to easily scale up.

Finally, consider your teammates. If you’re working with page-building partners, consider looking for collaboration features. This can prevent miscommunication or unlogged changes.

Three of the best Gatsby hosting providers

Now that you know a bit about the hosting needs of a Gatsby site, you can start comparing your options. Here are three of our favorite hosting providers for Gatsby-powered sites.

1. Gatsby Cloud

The home page of Gatsby Cloud Hosting.

The Gatsby Cloud hosting service was created by the Gatsby team itself. As such, it’s designed to support the best parts of the platform.

You may prefer this host if you want to keep all of the tools you use to build and support your site in the same company. This gives you access to across-the-board support. Additionally, the plans focus on traffic, making it helpful if you have intentions to scale up.

The main attraction of this host may be how it’s optimized to work with Gatsby on the whole. However, it also has other stand-out features, such as:

⚙️ Features:

  • The delivery of all static web assets on a powerful content delivery network (CDN) to handle any traffic spikes and improve global performance
  • Intelligent image caching and incremental builds for quick-loading interfaces
  • A combination of both local development and cloud-based tools

💵 Pricing:

When it comes to Gatsby Cloud pricing, you can get started with a basic free plan. This will get you up to five million requests and 100 GB of bandwidth. For premium options, plans start at $17 per month. Your limits also bump up to 30 million requests and 300 GB of bandwidth.

2. Netlify

The home page for Netlify, a popular option for the best Gatsby hosting.

If you run an online store, your hosting needs are probably a little different than the average site’s. Fortunately, Netlify can support your sales on a Gatsby platform. In addition to a design tailored to Gatsby, it also offers plenty of eCommerce support for stores of all sizes.

This host also offers powerful collaboration features. As such, it’s perfect for large teams or companies that want to make beautiful designs with ease.

On top of sales optimization, Netlify has several functions that make it a strong contender for the best Gatsby hosting provider:

⚙️ Features:

  • Audit logs with a seven-day history to help you keep track of network events
  • Custom contracts and invoicing options to support online sales
  • Analytics on all your sites to help you find your most lucrative audiences

💵 Pricing:

If you’re wondering about Netlify price options, the good news is that you can start with basic features for free. However, this plan lacks important elements such as password protection and email support. For more advanced functionality, consider a paid plan. These start at $19 per member, per month.

3. A2 Hosting

The hero banner for A2 Hosting, specifically for Gatsby sites.

A2 Hosting is a popular general-purpose website host that offers dedicated Gatsby hosting plans, along with plans for many other platforms like WordPress hosting and Magento hosting.

This service lets you choose your data center location to best serve your audience. Additionally, it also offers Turbo Max, which promises to load your pages up to 20 times faster than average thanks to its use of LiteSpeed Web Server.

In addition to a focus on speed, this host offers:

⚙️ Features:

  • Unlimited email accounts to help you build a cohesive working environment
  • A website builder and staging site to ensure that changes are seamless
  • 24/7 tech support and an impressive 99.9% uptime commitment

A2 Hosting also offers cPanel, which is useful if you’re looking for Gatsby cPanel hosting.

💵 Pricing:

A2 Hosting may also be a smart choice if you’re on a budget. Plans start at $2.99 monthly for a single website. This option will also provide you with 100 GB of SSD storage, an effective way to deliver even faster load times. However, to access LiteSpeed Web Server, you’ll need at least the $9.99 Turbo Boost plan.

Try one of these Gatsby hosts today

Gatsby is a powerful platform for building your website. However, choosing the right host is also essential to creating the best experience for your visitors. Fortunately, finding the best Gatsby host can be simple if you keep your priorities in mind.

In this article, we covered three of the top hosting solutions for Gatsby sites. While each of these would be a quality choice, our recommendation is Gatsby Cloud. It’s fast-loading, flexible for any amount of traffic, and optimized by the platform’s developers to support its top features.

Do you have any questions about choosing the best Gatsby hosting provider for your needs? Let us know in the comments section below!

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